Autostraddle — Why Do Gay Men Keep Touching My Boobs: The Autostraddle Mini-Roundtable

27 December 2012 ·

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    I find this interesting. I know a gay guy that got charged with sexual assault because he grabbed some random girls...
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    This was illuminating, particularly the discussion in the comments.
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    Saw this article and immediately thought of me and thecelloperson. Although this article is on how gay men take...
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    That gif=my world and life.
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    this is an important discussion; happy i contributed to this
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    wait wait YOU GUYS I’ve finally made it big—just discovered that there’s a Tumblr where like at least 20% of it is...
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    The eternal question
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    tl;dr: Some guy named Yolo compares “unrealistic beauty standards and ideals” to psychological warfare. And apparently...
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    "Acts like these are apart of the everyday psychological warfare against women… It is also a part of the culture’s...
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    yesyesyes I have so many feelings about this
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    This is SO GOOD.
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    follow-up to a really good article with tons of interesting perspectives!
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