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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m real femme. What you definitely haven’t noticed (because we totally haven’t hung out in ages) is that I’m freezing cold. Yup, right this minute. How could I not be? I live in New England and it’s the dead of winter. Not just that, it’s the dead of winter and everyone expects me to be displaying my holiday splendor in a series of teeny-tiny blingy-shiny crimson red dresses. Sure you can wear a winter coat, but what does that do for my legs? What about my toes?! You know how cold my toes get! So yeah, I’m fucking freezing out here. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t filled with jealousy toward’s my butch date’s wool suit, tie and sweater. She’s not cold at all.

So how the hell am I going to tackle Christmas and New Years without subjecting my toes to the Fourteen Degrees But Feels Like Five Degrees With Windchill air? Well I’ve got four tips that will keep you just a bit warmer no matter what holiday you’re celebrating.

21 December 2012 ·

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Hi my name is Riese and is my website. I made this tumblr in mid-2009 because we just can't get enough internet.

Autostraddle likes queers, photography, pretty girls, peanut butter, wide open minds, lesbians in white t-shirts, a-camp and pure poetry. She has many talents, including jumping & tumbling. She also enjoys words, lesbians and girl-on-girl culture. She is best enjoyed with a balanced breakfast at Autostraddle.

WANNA ASK RIESE A BURNING QUESTION? YOU SURE CAN. I am responsible for everything here, more or less.

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